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Head Gasket: What Is It And Why Does It Fail

Head Gasket: What Is It And Why Does It Fail WHAT IS A HEAD GASKET? The internal combustion process is sealed by the head gasket, located between the cylinder head at the top of the engine and the block, preventing coolant and oil from mixing. It’s the most strained gasket in the engine because, unlike […]

What Does A Car Service Entail? A Complete Guide

Getting a service may appear to be a headache, especially for new drivers unfamiliar with car ownership, but it does not have to be. We’ve put up a guide covering all you need to know about auto service. WHAT EXACTLY IS A CAR SERVICE? A car service is a health check with routine maintenance for […]

How To Prolong Your Car’s Engine Life

An engine is a vehicle’s heart. It must run smoothly in order to keep your vehicle moving. When you buy a good used car, you are making an investment. Modern engines, when properly cared for, may run for more than 400,000 kilometers providing you take the necessary protections and maintenance requirements!In this article, we’ll look at some […]

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